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company history

SunOil SA was started by Mr. Nicolas Wilson, an expert in the
commodities market, with reference to crude oil, vegetable oil, and the biodiesel industry, 30 years of experience in logistics, commodity trade and business administration. His experience and vast knowledge has enabled us to offer a unique service to all restaurants and food-related chains. We deliver on time and have very clear and precise communication with our customers. We use the correct and legal ways of disposing of used/waste cooking oil.

We excel at what we do

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SunOil SA has a goal to be the number one, major national supplier of pure
sunflower oil and palm oil, and to maintain its strong position as a major supplier of
used cooking oil to the biodiesel industry. SunOil SA prides itself on caring for the
environment and contributing towards a more sustainable energy environment.

Business competitiveness
Exceptional 95%
strategy level
Brilliant 94%
Excellent 99%

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business concept

Business Competitiveness

SunOil SA has a strong capital base and a wide intellectual property base
in new oil and used oil industry. This enables us to understand the
industry better than most and to maintain a competitive edge over the
long term. We are aware of its different market segments, resource
requirements and its ability to achieve its long-term goals.

Quality policy & objectives

SunOil SA only supply the highest quality in new Sunflower and Palm Oil.
Our oil is 100% PURE and NOT blended nor has it been thinned!
Many suppliers in the South African market mix their sunflower oil with
soya oil, maize oil and others, in order to be price competitive.
SunOil SA believes that a product can only say it is PURE when it is
100% PURE. We are proven to provide pure sunflower and pure palm oil,
without having to compromise our quality and service in any way.
We believe this to be the sustainable path forward.

Service pledge

SunOil SA believes in timely delivery of its new product, as well as the correct and legal collection of used oil products. (Refer to certificates addendum…) We believe in personal service to our clients, foremost focusing on effective communication and logistics

Prevention is always better than cure!